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Skinpen dermalinfusion

What can professional skincare treat?

  • Acne & Skin Congestion
  • Oily or Dry Skin
  • Sensitive Skin
  • UV & Free Radical Damage
  • Post-Surgical Skin
  • Loss of Firmness & Elasticity
  • Enlarged Pores
  • Future Aging


We’ve hand-picked some of the most researched, clinically-proven, and effective products on today’s market.

Product pricing and availability will vary by vendor. Book a consultation with one of our Advanced Practice Estheticians to set up a customized home care product prescription.

Save by being a member of the Allē rewards program. You earn points on every treatment you receive at The Refinery and can redeem them for discounts on Allergan services such as Botox® and Juvederm®, as well as SkinMedica™ products. Learn more and join today.

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SkinMedica Peel

$99 / Month Member Pricing: $220.00

DG Member Pricing: $220.00

Non-Member Pricing: $220.00

Lastisse® Eyelash Growth Serum


Revision Skincare

Obagi® CLENZIderm MD� System

Skinade® Daily SKincare Drink


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Transform the appearance of your skin at home while enhancing the results of your professional treatments.

Do you have a specific skin concern like sun damage, acne, or rosacea? Are you looking for products that actually improve the health and appearance of your skin? Are you tired of a medicine cabinet full of products that don’t work? Then, look no further than the professional skincare lines The Refinery Skin Clinic has to offer.

Our private label (Refinery Rx) and physician-dispensed cosmeceutical lines have been carefully researched and selected to ensure they contain the most effective ingredients and the highest concentrations of active ingredients to create real change in your skin’s appearance. Many of our skincare lines are only dispensed through a medical clinic, due to their high activity levels.


Your licensed aesthetician will work closely with you to recommend the ideal product regimen for your skin type, condition, and specific goals. She will act as your skincare concierge throughout the year and monitor your progress and adjust as needed, especially if you are also having professional skin treatments with us or injectables.

What makes our professional skincare different? When you invest in our products, you are literally purchasing the years of research and clinical trials that the manufacturer has put into the bottle. In addition, products are being recommended by a licensed professional who has examined your skin and will monitor your results. In essence, we’ve done the work for you. Your years of buying products that don’t deliver stop here. Professional skincare is tried, tested, and proven by science and our staff!


Unlike many department and drug store skincare lines that just sit on top of your skin and are full of fillers and fragrance, the active ingredients in our professional lines go straight to work! Visible improvements in smoothness and hydration can immediately be seen, but the true magic happens over four to 12 weeks.

Your skin cells completely turn over about once a month. That means that after a skincare regimen has treated the top layer in month one, it can then start to address deeper damage like hyperpigmentation as the subsequent months unfold. Each new layer that surfaces will be more even in tone, have a smoother texture, and be more radiant.

In addition to generating their own results, professional skincare lines can dramatically enhance the results of your other procedures like DermalInfusion®, SkinPen®, and injectables.

Simply stated, healthy skin responds better to treatment, so let’s see how healthy your skin can be with professional skincare!

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