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The Pricing

Save with our membership program.

Swedish Massage
$80 for 60 minutes — only $72 with membership
$110 for 90 minutes — only $99 with membership

Hot Stone Massage
$100 for 60 minutes — only $90 with membership
$150 for 90 minutes — only $135 with membership

Pregnancy Massage
$90 for 60 minutes — only $81 with membership

Couple's Massage (Sidy-by-Side)
$160 for 60 minutes — only $144 with membership

Back and Shoulder Massage
$50 for 30 minutes — only $45 with membership

The Refinery Signature Massage
This massage is completely catered to your bodies needs the day of treatment. It may include aroma therapy, deep tissue extended stretching, and cupping.
$100 for 60 minutes — only $90 with membership
$150 for 90 minutes — only $135 with membership

Imagine ... you could look forward to a relaxing massage every month. It's possible with our monthly membership program! You get to choose a monthly 60 minute Swedish massage as one of your membership options. Learn more and join today.

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Why Massage Therapy?

Soothe aching muscles, ease tension, reduce stress, and encounter a whole new state of relaxation with our massage therapy treatments.

Whether you are simply looking to reward yourself with a relaxing, luxurious massage or to partner with a qualified therapist to treat a specific pain concern, our massage therapy treatments can deliver. Our certified massage therapists have a host of specialties, and many have obtained advanced certifications in alternative massage techniques to better serve your needs.

The Refinery Skin Clinic currently offers traditional Swedish massage, hot stone massage, aromatherapy massage, deep tissue massage, pregnancy massage, and couple's massage. In addition, we offer body wraps and body polishes that make wonderful, therapeutic additions to your massage treatment!

The Process

Before your massage, you and your therapist will discuss your motivation to seek massage and discern if there are any key areas you would like to address. You will be given a spa robe to change into and may undress down to your comfort level. During your massage, don't be shy! Your therapist appreciates when you communicate your desired pressure, whether you prefer silence during your treatment, and if you are experiencing any pain.

The Results

The benefits of your massage extend far beyond the relaxation you feel directly after. When scheduled on a regular basis, massage can reduce anxiety, ease chronic pain, increase circulation, improve flexibility, and help joint mobility.

Immediately after a massage treatment (especially if you have received a deep tissue massage), you may feel some mild tenderness in muscles that received extra TLC during your treatment. This will subside in a day or two. You are advised to drink plenty of water after your massage and avoid alcoholic beverage for up to 24 hours.

Massage is a wonderful therapy to treat yourself to once a month, if not more frequently. Your therapist may initially request you see them more often if you are working on improving a specific area. Remember with massage you are literally retraining your muscles to relax and lengthen. If too much time lapses between treatments, you will need to start back at square one, as your body will quickly default back to what it knows.

Many people quickly come to think of massage as a necessity, NOT a luxury! Our massage therapists are happy to set up a body wellness plan for you that fits both your lifestyle and your budget.