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Facial &
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The Pricing

Brow Design + Wax $20

Lip, Chin, or Nose Wax $15

Side Burns, Nape of Neck, Feet, or Hands Wax $20

Full Face Wax $45

Full Chest or Half Back Wax Starting at $40

Full Back Wax Starting at $55

Abdomen Wax Starting at $35

Underarms Wax $25

Half Arms Wax Starting at $30

Full Arms Wax Starting at $45

Half Legs Wax Starting at $40

Full Legs Wax Starting at $65

Bikini Line Wax Starting at $30

Brazillian Wax Starting at $60

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lady getting her eyebrows waxed

Why Waxing?

Stay smooth, soft, and hair-free for weeks with our facial and body waxing services.

Tired of tweezing, plucking, and shaving? Craving Instagram worthy eyebrows with a gorgeous, defined arch? Then, waxing may be for you. A semi-permanent hair removal, waxing swiftly pulls hair from the root and lets you ditch your razor for weeks.

The Process

Our licensed estheticians use both hard wax and strip wax techniques. Hard wax is commonly used for sensitive areas like the face, underarms, and bikini area. Strip wax allows for speedy removal on larger body parts such as legs, arms, or the back.

Before your treatment, a thorough consultation is needed to ensure you are a good candidate for waxing.* We have immense respect for your modesty and comfort. You will always remain partially draped.

Waxing is not just about removing hair, it can also enhance your features. Our licensed aestheticians are pros at sculpting perfect brows that accentuate your face shape and compliment your eyes and features. In many cases, they may even recommend that you add a brow tint to your service for a true transformation!

* You are contraindicated for a waxing treatment if: you are currently taking certain blood thinning medications, some prescriptions for auto-immune disorders, Prednisone, steroids, or Accutane (must be more than six months out from last round); you are currently using Trevino, Tazarotene, or Retinols; you have been diagnosed with psoriasis, eczema, advanced rosacea, or other chronic skin diseases; you have an active sunburn or varicose veins on treatment area; you have had a recent cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, laser treatment such as IPL, laser resurfacing, or chemical peel; you have a history of fever blisters or cold sores.

The Results

Immediately after your waxing treatment your skin will be slightly pink and tender. This is normal and your provider will apply products to soothe and protect your skin. Redness and swelling should subside within 24 hours. In the meantime, you are advised to protect any facial waxing treatment areas with a SPF 30. Your licensed aesthetician will also recommend skincare ingredients to avoid after your treatment to prevent any complications.

Everyone has a different rate of hair regrowth, and hair grows at different rates on different parts of your body. Generally, you can expect to return for your waxing treatments every three to four weeks. It is important not to shave in between your treatments to ensure smooth and effective hair removal at your next appointment. Be sure to let us know if you desire to be smooth and hair free for a special occasion like a tropical vacation. We will then advise you on the perfect time to schedule your next treatment.