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Customized facials

What can a customized facial treat?

  • Acne, Blackheads, & Bacteria
  • Unbalance Skin
  • Too Much Oil Production
  • Sun Damage
  • Dry Skin
  • Redness & Inflamed Skin
  • Rough & Uneven Skin
  • Poor Circulation

The Pricing

Save with our membership program.

Fire & Ice Skin Refining Treatment by IS Clinical (anti-aging/acne skin)
Get the results of a peel without peeling! Fire & Ice is a dual mask process that resurfaces skin and reduces fine lines.
$129 per treatment — only $99 with membership

Foaming Enzyme Treatment by IS Clinical (all skin types)
Revive tired, congested skin with a clinical facial that utilizes glycolic acid for a luxurious foaming exfoliation.
$129 per treatment — only $99 with membership

Harmony Facial Treatment by IS Clinical (Compromised/Fatigued Skin)
Used at Mayo Clinic as part of their cancer care, this facial includes carefully selected cosmeceuticals that address the special needs of cancer patients. It is also appropriate for pregnant and nursing mothers, as well as the immune challenged.
$129 per treatment — only $99 with membership

Refinery Signature Facial (60 Minutes)
Not sure what your skin needs? Let our licensed aestheticians create a treatment experience that is entirely unique to you and your skin. Each step is customized to your skin's condition the day of service.
$120 per treatment

Express Facial (30 Minutes)
Need a glow on the go? Pop in for a quick cleansing, exfoliation, and masking treatment to rapidly refresh and improve your appearance.
$79 per treatment

Teen Facial (30 Minutes)
Catered to the specific needs of teens and young adults, this facial effectively treats acne, skin congestion, and inflamed skin.
$65 per treatment

Gentlemen's Facial (30 Minutes)
All steps in this facial are customized to the unique needs of men such as skin inflammation from shaving.
$79 per treatment

Add dermablading to enhance your results for only $50!

Why Custom Facials?

Achieve your healthiest skin possible with facial treatments that are uniquely designed to treat, improve, and correct your individual skin type and condition!

Our customized skin treatments are unlike any traditional facial you have ever received before. Whether your goal is to relax with a luxurious signature facial or treat a specific skin concern like inflamed acne, our licensed aestheticians will customize your treatment from start to finish. The days of cookie cutter facials are over; it's time to get REAL results from your skin treatments!

The Process

Your first facial at The Refinery Skin Clinic begins with a thorough consultation with a licensed aesthetician to accurately determine your skin type, your concerns, and your skincare goals. From there, your treatment will be delivered with a range of professional skincare products and advanced techniques that are suited to your specific skincare needs.

Customized facials usually begin with a deep cleansing of your skin, followed by exfoliation with enzymes, light peel or steam, extraction of blackheads (if needed), massage, and masking, then end with an application of customized skincare products and sun protection. These steps may be altered if you are receiving a traditional spa facial or a more medically based facial. Your licensed aesthetician will also discuss the opportunities to add treatments, such as dermablading, to your service to enhance your results and experience.

The Results

You will love the way your skin looks after a customized facial! And, the results last longer than most people think, especially if you receive treatments on a regular basis of every four to six weeks.

Immediately After Your Facial (Glow-a-thon Phase): During this time, you won't be able to stop touching your skin. It will feel undeniably softer, smoother, firmer, and plump. Your makeup will set flawlessly and skin will appear more radiant and even.

2-3 Days Post Facial (I Love My Skin Phase): You'll love your skin for the first few days after you facial. During this time, it is still benefiting from increased hydration and circulation which helps boost your glow factor. If you have acne, it is common to see accelerated clearing of lesions at this time as well.

3-4 Weeks Post Facial (Wow... My Skin is Improving Phase): Our skin cells turn over about every four weeks, so during this time you may begin to see marked improvement in conditions like acne, rosacea, and sun damage. This will be more common if your licensed aesthetician has specifically targeted these conditions in a more clinical facial.

5-6 Weeks Post Facial (I Miss That Glow Phase): This is the ideal time to return for your next treatment. Your skin will have completed another cycle of turning over, and it is the perfect time to treat to ensure continual improvement. Plus, you'll quickly become addicted to that post facial glow and crave it on a monthly basis! Your results don't end there. Unlike some other clinics and spas, our licensed aestheticians will map out an entire treatment plan for you of both services and products they recommend to achieve full correction with any of your skin concerns. This assures gorgeous skin all year round!