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remove layers and brighten up with

Chemical Peels
& Dermablading

chemical peels dermablading

What can chemical peels and dermablading treat?

  • Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Dull & Sun Damaged Skin
  • Rough & Scaly Patches
  • Acne
  • Uneven Texture & Tone
  • Enlarged Pores
  • Build-Up of Dead Skin Cells
  • Scarring

The Pricing

You and your licensed aesthetician will decide which chemical peel is best for your skin.

Illuminize Peel by SkinMedica
$150 per treatment — only $129 with membership

Vitalize Peel by SkinMedica
$189 per treatment — only $149 with membership

Refinery Signature Peel
$170 per treatment — only $129 with membership

Refinery Signature Peel Plus
$189 per treatment — only $149 with membership

$50 — only $35 with membership

Dermablading + Hydrating Mask
$60 — only $45 with membership

Dermablading + Light Peel + Hydrating Mask
$129 — only $79 with membership

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Why Chemical Peels & Dermablading?

Chemical peels and dermablading are both ways to exfoliate or remove dead skin cells. They are commonly performed within the same treatment to reveal a bright, even complexion!

Revive dull, pigmented skin with chemical peels.

Chemical peels are incredibly versatile and rely on a chemical reaction to detach the dead skin cells from our skin's surface. Different acids target different skin conditions. For example, gentle lactic acid is great for treating sun damage and dehydrated skin, while salicylic acid reduces excess bacteria on skin due to acne.

Get unbelievably soft, fuzz-free skin with dermablading.

Dermablading (sometimes referred to as dermaplaning) is a mechanical form of exfoliation. It is becoming increasingly popular because it also removes peach fuzz, leading to amazingly soft skin. Plus, it can be easily combined with other treatments, like chemical peels, to intensify their effectiveness.

*Please note that although dermablading is a great way to remove peach fuzz, it is not an effective method to remove coarse facial hair.

The Process

When a chemical peel is first applied to your skin, you may notice a light tingling and heat. This is the chemical reaction taking place and is completely normal. Some of the peels we offer at The Refinery Skin Clinic need to be neutralized after your treatment; other peels you actually wear home. The versatility that chemical peels offer allows your licensed aesthetician to match your specific skin concerns to your ideal peel and desired social downtime. She will recommend appropriate skincare before and after your peel to enhance your results and ensure your safe healing post treatment.

During a dermablading treatment, your licensed aesthetician will use a medical 10 blade to gently scrape dead skin cells and vellus hair from your skin. She will divide your skin into sections and hold your skin taught as she makes small, precise sweeps over towards your hairline. There is absolutely no pain associated with dermablading, and it is a recommended treatment before any special occasion for your makeup to set flawlessly, as your skin will be smooth and reflect light evenly for pictures. (Hello brides!)

The Results

Many of our patients become obsessed with how their skin looks immediately after a peel — bright, tight, glowing, and dewy. This feeling can continue for the first two days, but, with most peels, you will begin to experience flaking* or peeling by day three or four. This exfoliation of dead cells can continue for up to 10 days depending on which peel was performed. It is crucial you do not pick or pull off any shedding skin, as this can lead to pigment changes and even scarring. Once the peeling phase is complete, you'll enjoy clearer, softer, more even skin for weeks to come.

Depending on your skin concern, chemical peels are normally recommended in a series of treatments spaced two to four weeks apart. This allows the peel to treat deeper layers of the skin with each passing treatment to truly correct your condition and improve your complexion. Peels are a fantastic way to maintain the health of your skin throughout the year.

With dermablading, you enjoy velvety soft skin that is free of rough build-up and peach fuzz immediately after treatment! Although you may be slightly pink after dermablading, there is no downtime. And, contrary to the Old Wives Tale, your hair will NOT grow back thicker and darker. Schedule your dermablading treatments every three weeks to stay consistently smooth.

*It's important to note that with some of our peels, you may not notice this flaking — don't worry, it's still working!