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Body Wraps
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The Pricing

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Detox Wrap
This is a relaxing wrap that also includes a light exfoliation, heated wrap, warm shower, and a relaxing finishing massage. It is an ideal full body treatment for those seeking to eliminate toxins from diet, sickness, and weight loss.
$120 for 60 minutes

Ultimate Hydration Wrap
Deeply rehydrate dry compromised skin. Light exfoliation followed by a hydrating warm body mask, a warm shower, and a light massage make this a Minnesota favorite.
$120 for 60 minutes

Aromatherapy Body Polish
This body polish begins with a sea salt exfoliation followed by a warm shower. Choose from an array of essential oils to take you on an aromatherapy journey of relaxation with a light finishing massage.
$75 for 45 minutes

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Why Body Wraps & Polishes?

Detox, exfoliate, and hydrate your whole body into an absolute state of bliss.

Most of us are so focused on the skin on our faces that we neglect the skin on rest of our body. Rejuvenate the skin on your entire body with a body wrap or polish. Schedule it as a stand-alone treatment or as a compliment to your next facial.

The Process

Body wraps cocoon your body in pure bliss and use therapeutic ingredients that detoxify, smooth, and hydrate your skin. After changing into a cozy spa robe, your treatment will begin in one of our specialty spa suites. Your provider will start with a light exfoliation of your overall body to both remove dead skin cells and increase circulation. She will then encase your body with either a warm mask or a specialized wrap. All of our wraps are specially heated to enhance the absorption of the therapeutic agents into your skin. Afterwards, you'll enjoy a private, refreshing shower followed by a light massage to infuse moisturizers and humectants into your skin.

Body polishes use specialized salts, sugars, or mildly abrasive mitts to buff away the buildup of dead skin cells on every inch of your body. Your journey to baby soft skin will be accompanied by a medley of aromatic essential oils. After your polish, you'll enjoy a recharging private shower followed by a light massage application of botanically infused moisturizers and humectants.

The Results

After your body wrap, you may feel incredibly relaxed. You also may still feel the residual warmth of your wrap. Your provider will invite you to relax in our guest lounge with a cool beverage. She will recommend that you consume large quantities of water (especially if you have just had a detoxifying wrap) to assist your body's lymphatic system in clearing out any surfaced toxins. Regardless, you will enjoy soft, silky skin for days after your body wrap.

After your body polish, your skin will feel like absolute velvet. Because of the buffing motions used to exfoliate your body, you may experience a light flush to your skin and increased circulation immediately following your treatment. This will quickly subside as you enjoy a cool beverage in our guest lounge before changing out of your robe. If you love the way your skin feels after a body polish, we highly recommend using a scrub at home to mimic your results or adding a body polish before your monthly facial.