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reLY ON director of operations & human resources

Susan Roen

"The goal of The Refinery Skin Clinic is, at its heart, to provide an exceptional client experience. As a team, we do everything in our power to ensure that our clients feel special, achieve their desired outcomes, and feel absolutely fantastic when they walk out our front door. To say that we want to simply exceed your expectations would be an understatement!"

Rebecca Suess


Director of Operations

Director of Human Resources


With over 40 years of experience in human resources and operations management, Sue brings a level of leadership and management to The Refinery Skin Clinic that is priceless to our team. In her position as Director of HR and Operations, she ensures that our collective staff and business vision stay cohesive and are continually directed at enhancing the client experience.

Sue strives to make our clinic a positive, supportive, and fun place for our employees to work within. She believes that when a team member experiences happiness at work, she has the freedom to shine and share the best of what she has to offer to our clients. Sue is skilled at identifying drive and passion in prospective employees and loves being a part of building and shaping the future of The Refinery Skin Clinic with exceptional talent.

One of the attributes of The Refinery Skin Clinic that Sue believes is truly unique is that many of our providers train other practitioners on the services we offer. Some of our nurses and estheticians have so vast a knowledge base and degree of experience in the skincare industry that their peers seek them out as educators. In turn, they elevate the standards of their craft and ensure that clients in the entire Metro are receiving safe and effective treatments.

In a field that quickly advances with new products, treatments, and innovations, Sue believes that The Refinery Skin Clinic is both a pioneer and leader in the skincare industry!