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reLY ON client experience coordinator

Jill Ruiz

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"I believe that knowledge is key when it comes to the world of medical aesthetics. The industry can be a bit overwhelming and even carry stigmas for many of our clients. I enjoy debunking myths and educating you about how our services actually work to help you feel more comfortable and informed about your options."

Rebecca Suess


Clinic Experience Coordinator

Marketing Coordinator

Bachelor of Arts in Advertising & Photography from the University of Minnesota

Pursuing a Master's of Science in Nursing at St. Catherine's University


Jill’s growing interest in the world of medical aesthetics is what initially drove her to pursue a position with The Refinery Skin Clinic. After years of working in marketing, her passion for helping others prompted her to make a shift into nursing. Jill is now following the educational pathway to obtain an entry-level Master’s of Science in Nursing at St. Catherine’s University! Having always been fascinated by the field of medical aesthetics, Jill sought a position with The Refinery Skin Clinic to begin learning from the best!

With a Bachelor of Arts degree in advertising and photography from the University of Minnesota, Jill brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her dual position of Marketing and Clinic Experience Coordinator. She has high regard for the customer experience and continuously seeks out new and better ways to show our clients how valued they are. 

Jill loves working at The Refinery Skin Clinic because of the collaborative work environment and the level of professionalism. Collectively, the entire team is focused on putting the client’s interests first, exceeding their expectations, and making them feel confident and attractive!

When outside of work, Jill enjoys spending quality time with her husband, Tony, and her 5-year-old son, Ernie. She can also be found studying for school or working on one of the several projects she has lined up for her new house! Jill’s favorite motto she lives by is “plan for the future, but live for today.”