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Skinpen dermalinfusion


Instantly smooth wrinkles and restore a lifted, youthful appearance with dermal fillers.

Your face shape is the most telling sign of your age. When we are young, we have a narrow jawline and full cheeks. As we age, our collagen and elastin production decreases. We lose volumizing facial fat and supportive bone. Our face begins to sag and appear heavy. Dermal fillers restore structure and lost vollume, creating a more smooth and full appearance.

We offer several different dermal fillers such as Juvederm®, Voluma®, Vollure®, Volbella®, and Volux®. Our selected dermal fillers are some of the safest and most versatile fillers on the market. They are comprised of hyaluronic acid, a naturally-occurring substance in our body that is attracted to water, thus creating a plumping effect. Unlike other dermal fillers, HAs can be reversed if needed.


The effect of dermal fillers is instant and long lasting with virtually no downtime.

Our patients are often surprised at how painless treatments with dermal fillers can be. Topical numbing creams and ice are used to enhance your comfort, and many dermal fillers come with a numbing agent built-in. Immediately following your treatment, your skin may be slightly red, tender, and feel dense or bumpy to the touch. This is normal and should subside within a week. It is also a great reminder to plan your treatments around your social calendar to ensure you are not swollen or bruised for an upcoming event.

Rebecca Suess RN, BSN, CPSN, CANS is an Allergan Medical Institute Faculty Member and trains new clinics on the use Allergan products. Rebecca has advanced training in the using specialized technique to skillfully avoid bruising, especially in the undereye and lip area.


Results may last anywhere from eight months to two years. The type of filler, the amount, and where it is injected will impact the duration of your results. The longevity of your results can be greatly enhanced with the addition of Botox® and professional skincare.

While dermal fillers like Juvederm and Voluma are wonderful options to restore a more youthful appearance to your skin, your results are entirely dependent upon the skill and training of your injector. Rebecca and her staff take pride in their education and levels of training. Learn more about them.


Get a complete result, in one session, at the best pricing, with bonus services that enhance your outcome.

Our (RE)al (RE)sults dermal filler packages are based on results, not product. These packages are designed to address the unique needs of each chapter of facial aging with the Juvéderm® Collection of dermal fillers. Leave 100% satisfied with results that last up to two years or more!


Renew your commitment to your skin by focusing on smoothing fine lines that are beginning to form around the mouth, refreshing volume in the cheek area, shaping the chin for better facial balance, or enhancing fullness in your lips.

$2,400 — includes FREE DiamondGlow™ ($180 value)
Earn 600 ($60) Allē rewards points


Reverse the common signs of collagen depletion by smoothing wrinkles, adding voluming to your under eye hollows, replenishing lift to your mid-face, restoring fullness to your lips, and enhancing the contour of your jawline.

$3,200 — includes 50 FREE units of Botox® Cosmetic ($600 value)
Earn 800 ($80) Allē rewards points


Restore structure that is compromised by bone and facial fat pad depletion, replenish volume and smoothness, redefine your jawline, rejuvenate your eye area and lips, and recapture a more youthful, refreshed appearance.

$4,800 — includes FREE additional retouch at six months ($950 value)
Earn 1,200 ($120) Allē rewards points


During your initial consultation, your injector will discuss which dermal fillers are ideal for you. She may recommend more than one type or combining filler with Botox® or PRP.

Juvederm® Ultra Plus XC

$99 / Month Member Pricing: $560.00

DG Member Pricing: $660.00

Non-Member Pricing: $660.00

Juvederm® Ultra XC

$99 / Month Member Pricing: $560.00

DG Member Pricing: $660.00

Non-Member Pricing: $660.00

Volbella® 1.0 ML

$99 / Month Member Pricing: $670.00

DG Member Pricing: $770.00

Non-Member Pricing: $770.00


$99 / Month Member Pricing: $670.00

DG Member Pricing: $770.00

Non-Member Pricing: $770.00


$99 / Month Member Pricing: $945.00

DG Member Pricing: $1,045.00

Non-Member Pricing: $1,045.00


$99 / Month Member Pricing: $1,000.00

DG Member Pricing: $1,100.00

Non-Member Pricing: $1,100.00


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