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renowned Aesthetician

Tracey Rudolph-Lakin


Co-owner of The Refinery Skin Clinic

Founder & Owner of Targeted Aesthetic Solutions by Tracey, LLC

Licensed Esthetician (LE)

Certified Laser Technician (CLT)

Oncology Skincare Certified

Advanced Practice Esthetician Salon Manager (APESM)

Trainer for SkinPen® Mirconeedling by Bellus Medical

Member of the Society of Plastic Surgery Skincare Specialists

Member of the Salon & Spa Professional Association

Member of the National Esthetic Advanced Training Certification

"I know how difficult and overwhelming the skincare industry can be to navigate on your own, that’s why I take my partnership with my clients so personally. I want lasting relationships; that’s why honesty and education are pillars in my treatment philosophy. I care deeply for my clients and focus on devising unique treatment plans that are custom tailored to what YOUR skin needs, not what’s trendy or popular."

About Tracey

While traveling throughout Europe as a model in her late teens and early twenties, Tracey noticed a dramatic cultural difference in how European and American cared for their skin. It seemed that every woman in the countries she traveled to were obsessed with not only the appearance of their skin but their skin's overall health. As soon as a European girl turned 12 years old, she would begin seeing her mother's esthetician to start her on good skincare habits for life. This cultural divide made a significant impact on Tracey. Upon returning to the States, she decided to pursue a career in skincare to help elevate the industry standards and to help women and men achieve their healthiest skin possible and gain confidence in their appearance.

A native of the East Coast, Tracey attended the Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics in Woburn, Massachusetts in 1996 to obtain her license in esthetics. For years she worked in a spa environment honing her technical and customer service skills until she started working within medical practices alongside physicians, designing collaborative treatment plans for their patients. She had the great fortune of being part of the rising tide of the medical esthetics industry as it began to blossom and has worked diligently in this industry for over two decades.

Tracey eventually relocated to the Midwest and immediately began working with several well-respected dermatology and plastic surgery clinics as a lead esthetician and laser technician. Because of her passion for education and training, she was quickly recruited by several companies to train other estheticians, nurses, and even physicians on their technologies, devices, and product lines. She continues to attend courses and conferences to stay current in the quickly evolving field of medical esthetics and holds several certifications in the use of various product lines, chemical peels, laser treatments, and advanced treatment technologies. She is also a trainer for SkinPen® by Bellus Medical, the gold standard in microneedling collagen induction therapy.

With her extensive experience in the skincare industry, Tracey advocates for treatment plans that are unique to each client. She does not believe that skincare is a cookie-cutter industry in which the latest celebrity trend is appropriate for everyone. In turn, she invests much of her time in getting to know her clients and their skin to help them achieve the highest possible state of skin health and appearance for them. She is honest to a fault and remains steadfast in only recommending treatments and products that she truly believes in and that her clients will benefit from with measurable results.

In 2017, Tracey co-founded The Refinery Skin Clinic with registered nurse and injection specialist, Rebecca Suess, to offer clients an entirely new approach to skincare that blends education, partnership, exceptional treatments, and unsurpassed expertise. Not a day goes by that Tracey doesn't reflect on the honor it is that her clients entrust their skin to her and allow her to be a part of their lives.

When you can't find Tracey at The Refinery Skin Clinic making someone feel wonderful about their skin, you'll see her outdoors. Tracey is an avid hiker and loves getting outside and exploring the beautiful trails that Minnesota has to offer!